What Is the Difference Between A Chef And A Cook?

Cooks and chefs each perform the same job cooking food for other people to enjoy – however each one has a distinct role in the world of food. When it comes to it, the word “chef” has a more exclusive meaning and is referring to a smaller category of people, whereas the phrase “cook” refers to more inclusive and can be used to describe people of many different circumstances. The subtle distinction will be discussed in greater details below.

If you use the term “chef” to describe the person as a chef it’s assumed that the person is a professional and cooks’ meals to earn a living, not only as a pastime. Chefs are employed in professional settings such as hotels, restaurants and bakeries. Cabo chef services, chef, or master chef can be the most prestigious possible level that one can attain and indicates chefs are responsible for an entire staff in an experienced kitchen. The sous chef is directly with the chef and is responsible for the cooking as well as supervise the staff. A chef de parties’ functions under both chefs and handles the primary cooking, as well as various other professionals can work under the chefs above, performing specific tasks, such as cooking and sautéing food as well as cutting and preparing vegetable dishes or roasting, broiling grilling and baking of fish and meats. There’s also an option as a personal chef, where the chef is expected to cook meals for clients in the home of the client. It is important to note that the chef of a personal chef should not be required to take on other chores in the household, as the cooks of a lower level in a household crew could.

A cook however could or might not be professionally trained and might or may not cook food to earn the purpose of earning a living. The word “cook” could be a reference to those who cook for others at home or cooks in a casual situation. A cook could be a one of the household staff, for instance that cooks and also performs other tasks, like cleaning up and conducting around. A person who works in a cafeteria, bed and breakfast could be called cook or one who works in kitchens such as the ones you will find on large vessels and in other workplaces. Line cooks can be employed under chefs in restaurants, but these kitchen workers may be called chefs de parties or sub chefs, which means that they are preparing to become chefs.