The Selling of a Health Club/Gym Membership Is Not the Only Thing That Has Value in Your Gym!

As I sat this morning, looking out the window at the snowflakes falling and a child running to catch as many as she could, it created an image in my head that I wanted to pass on to gym owners. I guess it made the consultant in me come out!

When you are in your club you need to look workoutpro at each member as a snowflake falling and you are the child trying to touch as many as you can. Much like snowflakes falling on a winter day, your members come and go all around you every day. Your job as a gym owner and the leader of your staff is to touch as many people as you can, and in doing so, sell the knowledge and services you have to offer. They want what you have to offer! That does not only mean selling more gym/health club memberships and increasing sales in your profit center located throughout you fitness center! What they are really after is the knowledge you have that can help them achieve their fitness goals! That is the reason they responded to your advertisements which you so carefully crafted as part of your health club/fitness center marketing plan. The knowledge that you can provide which will be the solution to their health and fitness issues is why they are in your club! Understanding this is the key to increasing your gyms membership sales, increasing and building your personal training department, building profit centers and making your health club a profitable fitness business.

You must first embrace the fact that what you have is valuable, needed, wanted and worthy of you passing it on to others and passing it on at a cost! You are a fitness professional, you offer a professional service and people expect to pay for professional services! When you go get your hair done you pay for it. When your hairdresser suggests you buy the new product to keep your hair looking good you take their advice and pay for it! Do you get my point? Your knowledge is worth money! Sell it to people!

In the gym business, you want to sell memberships to build your monthly income, run membership promotions and use creative fitness and professional fitness marketing ideas to grow your membership base. That is all fine and dandy but you must also create revenue from your membership base above and beyond regular monthly EFT membership dues. Now go out into your club and sell some personal training. Go sell a weight loss program! Go sell a tanning membership! Go sell a bottle of water! Just go sell something!