Snooker Cue Shopping is No Walk in the Park

Despite its age, snooker is a very popular game around the world and there is still a huge range of places that sell snooker tables and snooker accessories. People often get very confused when it comes to buying a snooker table because there are so many variations and they often get confused with pool tables. The main difference between a snooker table and pool table is size; pool tables are a lot smaller. Snooker balls tend to be smaller as well and the pockets are less round. Because of this, if you want a proper game of snooker it needs to be on a snooker and not a pool table.

If you want to get a table of your own, here 5 world snooker championship schedule are some tips that will ensure you buy a good one. Before you start looking for a table it’s wise to measure the area in which you wish to put the table. Remember to make sure you have extra footage around the edge of a table to allow for good cueing. Some cues are 6ft long so this can add quite a lot to the space required. It is possible to get snooker tables of all sizes but if you are serious about playing the game to a high standard you will want to get a full size table which is 12ft in length and 6 ft wide. If you take into account cueing space you are looking at room that measures 22ft x 16ft and this excludes furniture such as cabinets.

Slate thickness is important when assessing the quality of a snooker table so try and buy one which has a slate that is at least 1″ thick. This will help prevent it breaking and also provide a better playing surface. Traditionally this slate is covered in a green cloth although it is possible to get other colours these days.

Make sure you check exactly what the table comes with before you buy it as this will put you in a better position for comparing prices of different tables. Some retailers will throw in extra items such as cues, scoreboards or even balls so it pays to ask the question. Be sure you are comparing like for like when considering two tables.

Snooker tables are timeless and as long as they are looked after can provide hours of fun to generation after generation. It sometimes pays to spend a little bit more on a durable table that will last a bit longer, but it will likely remain in a good condition for years to come.

Make sure you set aside plenty of time to research snooker tables and properly evaluate your needs. This should ensure you make a sound purchase at a good price.