Ribbon Key Chains Spread Awareness All Around In Kind Donation Fundraiser

Raising money for your church is an important task that deserves the best approach. This article examines campaigns based around donor recognition that aim to strengthen
community ties with your church.

What does advertising do to help make a business successful?

They build brand awareness. Your in-kind donation fundraising needs to build your church’s “brand” by reinforcing the message of who you are and what your “value proposition” is for your congregation.

No,Guest Posting I am not saying that you need golden arches out front with a neon sign that says “Over 1 Million Saved.” What I am saying is that you want your supporters to have a strong emotional tie to your church.

Your fundraising campaign should be structured to strengthen those emotional ties through establishing concrete links to your congregation that are visible to the community.

What types of fundraising campaigns provide that visibility?

Donor recognition programs serve that purpose. They are easy to conduct and are available in a wide range of price points that offer ways for your entire congregation to show their support.

A donor campaign seeks a pledge of a certain contribution amount that could be a one-time donation, a weekly offering, a monthly automatic withdrawal, or an annual tithe.

Donation of a certain amount is rewarded with some type of donor recognition. Inexpensive items can be given to donors for smaller contributions in the $25 and up range while larger donations are usually recognized at your church.

An example of an entry-level price point offering for a donor recognition campaign is a custom pewter medallion or ornament which is hand crafted to display your church’s exterior view.
Two message lines can be added to reinforce your “brand.”