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Trucking. Now there’s a market that’s moving full-throttle in a slow economic situation! During my first-ever see to the “2013 Mid-American Trucking Program” in Louisville (the largest trucking market show in North America), I understood that I had gone into completely into an additional world. The world of the American Trucker. Oh, dear Toto, Kansas forgoed bye-bye the minute we stepped into that convention center.

I accompanied a fellow agent, where we met some good friends from a business focusing on trucking insurance policy. A little pack of insurance policy nerds in collared tee shirts and also pants may have risked of getting identified as outsiders, abandoned the rails like glee clubbers at a gun show. The bright side is, whether we suit or not, they allow us hang around. And also the furthermore great information is we learned a lot.

What did we haul away from this large, under-one-million-square-foot event? Here are 3 takeaways:


Acknowledge the Indicators of the Times

Whether it’s with patterns or technology, every sector is headed in specific instructions. For the American trucker, it appears that direction is healthier drivers. Bear In Mind Pete Thomas from the second period of NBC’s The Largest Loser? Well, we had the chance to meet him there. And also think what? Large Pete is still huge, simply not in an unhealthy means. He existed advertising physical fitness with Pilot Traveling Centers.

This particular trend is being driven by monster truckz individuals that are getting up to this reality: a healthier motorist equates to a reduced chance of accidents (insurer are just one of these individuals, incidentally). Many good trucking operations are currently ahead of contour on this. Not just because it will decrease their insurance policy rates, yet likewise due to the fact that shippers wish to work with the best operators. Which contour do you require to be in advance of in your company to rack up the most effective customers?

Innovate or Pass away

Seat paddings made of gel, box trailers that immediately move skids from the front to the back, specialized general practitioner systems, seating devices that decrease a motorist’s neck and back pain– you fantasize it up, and someone’s most likely already offering it at the vehicle program. We’re all trying to find the following fantastic idea in our corresponding companies, aiming to carve out our very own little niche. However we have to be tireless in our pursuit of it and also happy to march and also take the required risks.

The Vehicle Program was loaded with the latest as well as biggest suggestions from pioneers around the world. Packed with folks who are walking themselves and their suggestions right out on the typical limb. From slick body designs to trucker security, from motorist convenience gadgets to modern technology made to boost efficiency, the trucker’s world must influence us all to continue thinking outside of the box. This basic idea isn’t brand-new in any way: if we don’t think it up and also market it, someone else will.

Be “All-In” or Go Home

No screen at this convention spared cost. That might have been one of the extra special facets of it. It was evident: this was the occasion of all occasions. We’re not chatting logoed table fabrics and complimentary pens. We’re speaking big gear giveaways. Six-figure, techno-colored display screens. The prettiest faces showcasing the largest as well as baddest tools. When it pertains to setting the bar high, people in this sector won’t be outdone.

With that stated, most of us might do well to brighten up our grills and also shake off the dust of “company customarily.” If picture goes to least part of it (undoubtedly not whatever), might it be time for a business renovation?

Maybe the last as well as ideal takeaway was this. Have some fun! The Truck Program had to do with service, to make sure. But individuals there were also having a blast. We would certainly all do well to take that concept back to our offices. A positive work environment is a productive workplace. Currently, action on it!