How to Play Snooker

What is the difference between a game of snooker and that of 8-ball? Snooker came about first when British officers played the game in India. The game of snooker is played with 15 red balls and six colored balls, while 8 ball is played with 15 balls, half solid and half striped.

8-ball is a game to see who pockets all their 5 world snooker championship schedule balls, either solids or stripes, and then hits in the eight ball first. Also in some games of 8-ball if you hit the 8-ball in on the break you win the game, this is the quick and easy way to win a game of 8-ball. Snooker on the other hand is a game of points you earn by pocketing the object balls. Whoever has the most point over several frames wins the game.

The games are both played on table that have pockets and the cue ball is used to hit the object balls that is the way they are most alike. Plus you will need to control the speed of your stroke in both games, and also how hard you hit the ball. With any game of pool you can get better with practice; both of these are the same. 8-ball is probably one of the easiest billiard games to play, snooker is not too hard, but a bit harder than 8-ball.

The biggest thing is to keep in mind to be relaxed while stroking the ball and to keep a nice smooth motion to the stroke. You can’t hit the ball hard all the time so you’re going to have to use finesse in some spots, but with the practice you will be able to do skill shots without even thinking about it.