How to Choose and Buy a Good Condition Used Car in Thailand?

If you are still in Thailand and plan to stay here for an extended period, you might consider buying a car. Buying a car is something that might cross your mind. But you might wonder what car you will buy and where you should buy a car, especially a good-conditioned used car. As some might think that buying a used car is not a good idea, it is not always like that since there are many good-conditioned used cars waiting for you to buy them. So, here are tips for choosing and buying a good-conditioned used car in Thailand.

Using Online Platforms for Finding Your Ideal Used Car

Nowadays, there is no need to go to used car dealers to select your preferred used car anymore. You can just find them via online platforms. With online platforms, you can easily find used cars that you want just for only a few clicks. Apart from that, you can also compare used cars on different platforms before you decide to buy one of them. So, you can get the best-conditioned used car with the best price available.

Check the Car’s Condition and Model Before You Buy

Checking the car’s condition is necessary as there might be some heavily-damaged cars that have been fixed and sold in the marketplace. Another reason is that for some car models, there might not be parts for repair anymore as the manufacturer has canceled the production of the specific model’s car parts. The last thing you have to check before buying a used car is the car’s mileage. The mileage can basically tell you how the condition of the car is. The good number for the mileage is 12,000 miles/year. So if the car has been bought for 2 years, the mileage should be less than 24,000 miles.

Test-Drive the Car Before You Buy

It is inevitable to say that nothing will make you sure until you have test-driven the car you wish to buy. With your own experience, you can tell yourself that the car is worth enough for you to buy. While you are test-driving, you might want to check that the brakes, steering system, the car engine, are fully functional. If any of the car parts is not fully functional. You should not buy the car at all cost; look for another used car if available.


These are tips for anyone who wants to buy a good-conditioned used car to drive in Thailand. If you already got the car for you, buying car insurance in Thailand would be beneficial for you. When your car gets involved in a car accident, the insurance company’s staff are more than ready to assist you for 24 hours.