Free Casino Chips and Honest Online Casino

To understand the relevance of free casino chips, you need to put them in the right context-does the free chip offers come from honest online casinos?
The first online casinos opened 10 years ago, but now you can find hundreds of casinos online. Estimates depend on the number of people gambling online, but recent estimates suggest that the figure of about 7 million people worldwide will not be too far away. With that in mind, with the additional estimate that more than $ 12 billion was spent only at online casinos (not land casinos), the offer of free casino chips can be understood as a drop in the bucket in the bucket. .. Ocean.
In addition to the question of whether these honest online casinos offer these free chips, we enter an area that is seriously researched or worth researching. First, let’s take a look at what these free casino chips are really valuable to individual casino players. There are four main types of free casino chips.

There is no deposit bonus. It’s just free money. Honest online casinos offer free casino chips without dressing up and tempt W88  people to play at virtual tables. Sometimes there are small tires. For example, casinos may require credit card details in advance. Please read the terms of use at all times.
Equivalent deposit bonus. This is where the house fits your deposit. This is often done in multiples. For example, a 200% match bonus means that if you deposit $ 100, the casino will add $ 200 free casino chips to your account. very pretty! Especially useful for new players who are just getting started.
Bonus that cannot be paid with. This is a so-called tough bonus. It can never be paid, but its usefulness is that it stays in your account and you can use your bonus account to take advantage of higher stakes. These free casino chips are in your account and are meant to allow you to do things that you can’t do otherwise.
Loyalty bonus. This is exactly what it sounds like. All honest online casinos want to keep good repeaters even offline and offer loyalty bonuses including free casino chips.
Keep in mind that online casinos do not have the overhead costs of traditional physical casinos, so you can afford it. Similarly, there is no excuse that online casinos are not honest for exactly the same reasons. They can offer free casino chips and can be an honest online casino if the physical opponent finds it impossible to bear the financial burden.
So how can you identify honest online casinos and those that aren’t? There have been many changes since the first online casinos were founded abroad in 1996. Self-regulation (at best suspicious) has led to accreditation by institutions such as ECOGRA (Game Regulation and Guarantee). E-commerce online). Also look for evidence of excellent customer service, positive comments from members of the online casino forums, and decent helpline service. The most honest online casinos offer 24-hour live chat and live email support, as well as free phone help (proactively bragging). Is there a mailing list I can join to keep up to date with the latest tournaments and special offers? Trust is at the heart of the sign-up process (or people don’t sign up), so it’s a good sign of an honest online casino in itself.