Effect of Haoxin Precision Stamping Mold Structure Design on Mold Life

Hardware Stamping Mold The service life of the mold and the condition of the mold, design and manufacturing process. Installation use and maintenance is related, so we need to improve the life of the mold and need to use corresponding measures to improve these conditions. Hardware Stamping Mold The rationality of the structure, the load capacity of hardware stamping mold has a great influence, and the unreasonable structure may cause serious stress concentration or too high working temperature. Thus, the working conditions of hardware stamping die , resulting in the hardware stamping mold to fail.

(1) The effect of the cavity structure

cold pier, cold extrusion, hot forging mold has a large force, high impact force

hardware stamping Mold

, using the integral mold cavity causes the overall cracking of local cracking, and the combined mold cavity can be used. Such as the tower-shaped forge, after using the combined concave mold, the mold surface tensile stress can be reduced to avoid early breakage caused by the stress concentration, and then such as high-speed steel M12 snail cold pier. The overall life is about 10,000. The prestressed combination, due to the avoidance of the stress concentration in the sharp angle, the stress gradient when hardware stamping mold is stressed, and its life has reached 60,000 pieces, overcoming the overall early flooding phenomenon. .

(2) Effect of the cavity transitional rounding radius R

Most of the mold cavity contains excessive fillet, reasonable transitional rounded R is very affected by the mold life . The shape of the metal population Metal Stamping Tooling of the cold extrusion die and the inner diameter rounded R effect, improves the life of the mold, the round-edge radius of hot forging die is also a lot of life, such as When the rhizosphere is 5 mm by 1 mm, the maximum comparative stress can be less than 40%, and

hardware stamping mold

is significantly improved. The fillet of hot forging mold is also reasonable, and it is too small to make the die forging working conditions, and forging is easy to wear. According to experience, the inner fillet radius value can be selected by R \u003d (2 to 3.5) R (R is the outer angle radius).

Hardware Stamping Mold Effect of Working Local Operation

The concentrated structure of the reverse extrusion convex mode, the extrusion pressure drops 20 %,

Hardware Stamping Mold

The life is significantly improved, but its top bevel is not too large. No, the mold bending is caused by biasing. Hammer Forging Mode, Die Casting Mode, Plastic Mode Wave Mold Duvering Slinter The release of the article is directly affected by the stress state at the bottom of the cavity bottom, wherein the forging die is more pronounced. Effects of Mode Forging Plafting and Rounded Radius on the Bottom Maximum Comparative Stress. As a link forging, when the plot is changed from 7 ° to 10 °, the life is increased from 3,000 pieces to 5000 pieces.Of course, the optimum value of the angle should be analyzed and selected according to the part of

hardware stamping mold

. The structural factors associated with the life of hardware stamping die

are diverse.According to theoretical analysis and the actual situation of mold use, the continuous improvement and optimization of structural design is the most economical and effective way to improve the life of

hardware stamping mold .