Choosing a New Company Name: Can It Pass These Three Telephone Tests?

Recently I paid attention to a mourn from a chief mentor for ladies who had incorrectly named her business. (I’ve camouflaged her story here somewhat, however the issues are genuine.) She thought she’d been so cunning to name her organization Queen B Coach – on the web – as this was a joke on a few levels. In the first place, she trained ladies chiefs who, similar to sovereign honey bees, were the solitary stars of their hives, with many working drones working underneath them. Second, her most memorable name was Barbara, so she was clearly Queen B of her own organization. Also, third, in addition to her logo however her whole site and all her written words utilized honey bee symbolism widely.

Unfortunately, her imagination misfired. Something company name ideas like once seven days she’d get hysterical calls from clients saying their messages to her were bobbing, or somebody would guarantee that her site was down or had been seized, albeit absolutely no part of this was the situation. Sadly, few could recollect that the “B” in her organization name was only a capital letter as opposed to the three-letter word that sounded something similar. In any event, when she persistently explained it, individuals frequently recorded the name or area with the legitimate spelling as opposed to the right one.

Barbara had wrongly selected a name that worked outwardly yet not auditorially. At the point when it came to hearing, spelling and recalling what was heard, this name didn’t work. For sure, her imagination in capitalizing on the B/honey bee quip made it more challenging for clients, merchants and associates to deliver her organization name precisely. What’s more, in the advanced age, where PC tends to that are spelled wrongly wander off, that ensures loads of correspondence foul-ups.

To stay away from Barbara’s concern, ensure your proposed new organization name can pass every one of the three of the accompanying tests. I refer to them as “phone tests” on the grounds that the phone is the most difficult mechanism for discussing a name with this kind of issue. Be that as it may, the issue can manifest in any event, when a speaker and audience are together in a similar room, depending on discourse, hear-able cognizance and memory to take care of their responsibilities without blunder.

Phone Test #1: Can somebody hearing the name via telephone, without seeing it down on paper or hearing it spelled, comprehend the name and rehash it accurately?

Phone Test #2: Can somebody hearing the name via telephone, without seeing it down on paper or hearing it spelled, record it accurately?

Phone Test #3: Can somebody who has heard the name articulated and spelled via telephone recollect it precisely?

Prior to putting resources into an organization name that you spell uniquely in contrast to the vast majority would expect, contemplate the way that via telephone you will always be unable to say the name basically. You will constantly likewise need to spell it, as in “My organization is Queen B Coach – that is, Queen B, the letter B, not ‘honey bee,’ Coach.” and still, at the end of the day, as Barbara will verify, a lot of individuals will in any case misremember it.