Causes of fin heater leakage

The fin heater is one of the heaters, and the application range in life is relatively wide, but the electric heater will leak in the long time, what is the reason?Let’s take a brief introduction to you.1, the sheet is deformed, and the assembly misplaced is caused.2, cracks in best space heater the sheet sealing groove portion or the two sealing area.3, partial gaskets are separated from the sealing tank, and there is dirt, sealing pad damage or spare space of the gasket.4, the size is not in place, each size is not uniform, and the deviation of the size should not be greater than 3mm, or the clamping bolts are loose.The above is the reason for the leakage of fin heaters, I hope to help everyone. If you have more knowledge about electric heater, please call the company, we will be happy to serve you.