Beef Jerky – Perfect Snack for Anytime Anywhere

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Grass fed beef has become more increasingly popular due to the various health benefits it provides. While commercialized beef is has high fat percentages, grass fed beef is lean and is full of nutrients. It’s actually a great way to add protein in your diet despite the fact beef has been given a bad reputation for contributing to weight gain and obesity. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why grass fed is better than grain fed beef.

Fat Content: According to scientific studies, grain wagyu wholesale fed beef cuts contain high fat content ranging from 35-75% and most of the fat is saturated. This imbalance in the fat content of the meat places one in higher risks for health problems when eaten frequently. Beef from grass fed cattle on the other hand has been known to contain lower fat contents ideal for our diet. In terms of saturated fat, usually it has less than 10% making it not only safe but also healthy even if you eat it multiple times a week.

Nutritional Value: Grain fed beef is usually injected with growth hormones to quickly fatten their cattle’s in order to increase production and meet market demands. This form of faster production however, drastically drops the quality of the meat in all aspects. Grass eating cattle on the other hand are provided with nothing but high-protein, low starch forages, in combination to clean water and exercise making the meat leaner and more nutritious.

Effects: When comparing beef from grass grazing cattle and grain fed cattle, the most noticeable difference will be in its long term effects on your health. Eating beef from grain fed cows will frequently contribute not only to increasing chances on the occurrence of health related issues (like heart disease) but also obesity. Beef from grass-fed cattle on the other hand, will not only promote well being but also helps individuals to lose/retain weight. CLA is the reason for this.

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid has been known show promise in helping individuals lose or maintain their weight – along with exercise and diet programs of course. Aside from weight benefits, CLA has also been found to fight and ward off the development of cancer cells on the body. And in terms of comparison, it has been found that free roaming cattle’s have up to 5 times more of this nutrient compared to their grain fed counterparts.